Thoughts on Gay Athletes

Over the past several months, there’s been a number of athletes making the news. Some are professional athletes, while others are trying to work their way to the top.
The first big name to hit the news, as of late — was Jason Collins, being the first openly gay NCAA player – in North America’s 4 major sports. Collin’s last played center on the Washington Wizards.

Soon after there was an influx of athletes who decided to come out, including NCAA football player Michael Sam.

My question is real simple. Okay so you’re a gay athlete. I’m a heterosexual writer. Should the fact that I announce I am a heterosexual writer, garner praise and support from President Obama, and supporters, based on the fact that I am heterosexual FIRST, writer second?

Should I be praised, and upheld with a type of “hero” status — warranting a presidential call– because I am inherently heterosexual? Should gay athletes be praised and honored as “heroes” because they are GAY? Or should PEOPLE be acknowledged and upheld as “heroes” for for what they do for our collective society, OR what they do in their profession?

Long before Jason Collins was:
Billie Jean King — Tennis player
Martina Navratilova – Tennis Player
Baylor’s center WNBA ,#1 Draft pick, Brittney Griner
Former NBA Player John Amaechi
NBA Player, Will Sheridan
US professional soccer player, Maegan Rapinoe
Boxer Orlando Cruz
Major League Baseball Player, Billy Ban
NBA player, Esera Tuaol
Kwame Harris, former NFL player with the Oakland Raiders

Okay, so they came out publicly. That is GOOD for their sport, how? Coming out, helps us as spectators and fans, how? Did we ever care or inquire or care about about heterosexual athletes home-life? Or do we watch them for their skill in their SPORT?

Powerful people who should be upheld and acknowledged as heroes include “minorities” and activists — who risked their lives and took a stand for the good of mankind – THEY are TRUE HEROES, people like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, John Wesley. They took a stand for civil rights, and their ACTIONS made a difference. It wasn’t about WHO they were inherently, it was about what THEY DID for their specific “cause.”

People don’t CHOOSE who they are. If you’re black, you’re never NOT going to be black. If you’re short, you’re NEVER NOT GOING TO BE, short. If you have no option, but to be who you are – and gay people claim, being gay is as natural as being black, white or heterosexual … then you don’t get PRAISE, or “hero status”, based on THAT alone… unless we live in a really warped society. You get PRAISE for what YOU DO with, who YOU ARE.

Shout out to Jason Collins, and Micheal Sam, for being good BALL players! PERIOD.

*And a side note: There should be zero argument or lack of understanding about straight ball players, not wanting to share a locker-room with gay teammates. Our society understands that people don’t share public washrooms, and the like with others who are attracted to their sex. Males have their own washroom, as do women. If a gay athlete is potentially attracted to their same sex, like the opposite sex would be — they need their OWN locker-room. Non-gay athletes deserve to be respected as well. They don’t need to be thinking another player, may be looking at them fantasizing. Let’s not trash everyone else s rights, to uphold the rights of a particular group. No ones RIGHTS should supersede anyone elses’ in a democratic society.